Inspiration Element

Aeolus is a useful storage object, ideal for indoor and outdoor use, inspired by the Greek myth of Aeolus, the keeper of the winds and king of the island of Aeolia which Od- ysseus and his crew visited in the Odyssey. According to the ancient Greek myth, Aeolus was responsible for collecting and keeping the winds, which he was releasing ac- cording to the Jeus commands.offers its student holistic design thinking and focuses on the human centered design.

Shape Development

Its shape has been motivated by the movement of the winds, creating both its external rotation and the folds inside it.

More Details

Thanks to its aesthetic shape, Aeolus can be placed almost everywhere. The chosen material is fiberglass, due its durability from natural corruptions such as sun and water effects, but also for its technical expertise and competency.

In the contex of the Aegean University competition Beware Of Greeks, Aeolous had been selected to represent Greek Design and exposed in the European Parliament in Brussels during the October 2017.

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